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Redistricting Game Makes Process Understandable


Interested in teaching students about the fundamentals of election redistricting following the decennial census?, a project partnering SSDAN with the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, points to free resources with an informative look at the issue. The ReDistricting Game, a resource from the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center, provides a series of fun and educational activities that illustrate how the redistricting process can be exploited leading to oddly shaped legislative and congressional districts

Inequality and DataCounts Learning Modules


A recent Data in the News post spotlighted a daily chart from The Economist that compared inequality in a number of OECD countries. The United States did not fare well, finishing third from the bottom in relative poverty (“measured by the share of the population earning less than half the median income”), only ahead of Chile and Mexico (Brazil is also on the chart, but it is not an OECD country). The Gini coefficient, another measure of inequality for which a score of zero indicates perfect equality and one perfect inequality, also suggested that the United States is trailing comparable countries in the fight against inequality. The U.S. finished fourth from the bottom, beating out South Korea, Mexico and Chile.

Christmas Price Index Reveals High Holiday Costs


Visit the PNC Christmas Price Index interactive website to explore how prices of lords-a-leaping, swans-a-swimming, and partridges in pear trees have changed over time, or check our DataintheNews blog for an explanation of this year's prices.

Pew Study Reveals Americans' News Knowledge


Our DataintheNews blog covers Pew Research Center's most recent News IQ Survey. Take the test yourself here and compare your results to those that Pew found here.

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