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Author: Tanni Chaudhurri
Institution: Rhode Island College
In this module students will observe the relationship between income and education in a select state in the United States, using data from the American Community Survey. Students will examine how income is distributed in the state and then understand how the same can vary by education, gender, race or age.
Author: Kathy Rowell
Institution: Sinclair Community College
Students will look at correlation and causation by exploring the relationship between high school dropout rates and violent crime, poverty, teenage pregnancy rates, and teenage death rates.
Author: Nancy Davis
Institution: DePauw University
Focusing on education, we will examine the changes from 1950 to 1990 in the numbers, race, gender, and occupations of high school and college graduates. Turning our attention to cohorts and population structure, we will trace birth trends over the past four decades, namely the Baby Boom, and discuss possible causes and effects.